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Elevate Your

Employee Experience

Turn company goals into daily work for employees to create
real-time alignment on goals that drive profitability. 
TeamOnUP mobile app allows employees to engage when on-the-go.

The Future of Work

Is Here With TeamOnUP

At TeamOnUP, we believe purpose drives productivity. That when every employee feels valued and understands how their individual contributions serve the company’s larger mission, they will be happier and more productive.

The Solution

Employee Disengagement Is

Impacting Your Business

Cost of Attrition

Our Partners

Say It Best

It’s always been my job as CEO to find, develop and retain great people that can serve our members well so that we can fulfill our mission as a credit union.  A big part of achieving that end is to give the team the tools they need to succeed and so we partnered with TeamOnUP to accelerate our success on this path – we think they give us the best chance to win. 

They have a totally new take on what the employee experience is and since we love to push the boundaries of what is possible, their team, their software and their service makes perfect sense to us.  We are excited by what is happening today and intrigued by where we are going in the future!

Marshall Boutwell

CEO, Peach State FCU


Provide Access To

Growth and Opportunities

Your organization is a marketplace where employees want to buy growth, opportunities, and self-fulfillment. Provide integrative tools that get straight to the heart of what your employees think, feel, and want from work and life.

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Drive Change With

Actionable Insights

Recapture lost value in your business via real-time data and actionable insights. Uncover your skillset inventory, sharpen your recruiting profile, and impact your bottom line with a 360° view of the experience, motivations, challenges, coaching elements, and hard and soft skills that make up your workforce.

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Enterprise Impact

Meet the Team and Advisors

Behind TeamOnUP

Brought to life by a team of experts who bring operating experience, academic research, and executive coaching to champion growth for your team and company.

Meet the Team
Mike Kelly - Founder and CEO of TeamOnUP
Mike Kelly
Founder & CEO
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Shafayet Headshot.png
Shafayet Imam
Co-Founder & CIO
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Christopher Walker - Director of Marketing at TeamOnUP
Christopher Walker
Director of Marketing
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Paul Hult Headshot2.png
Paul Hult
Head of Client Experience
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Ken Peterson.png
Ken Peterson
Client Success Specialist
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Tim Keiningham - TeamOnUP Advisor
Tim Keiningham
PhD, Professor,
NYT Best Selling Author
Lerzan Aksoy - TeamOnUP Advisor
Lerzan Aksoy
PhD, Professor,
NYT Best Selling Author
Alex Buoye.png
Alex Buoye
PhD, Professor,
Best Selling Author

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